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Welcome to AI Innovation Summit 2019 and Machine Learning Innovation Summit 2019. Whether this is your first year attending or you make this an annual trip, we are thrilled that you will be joining us in 2019 for our best event to date. This year’s event will feature leaders from some of the top organizations in the nation speaking on topics related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, engineering and the future of work.

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Presentation Slides

Available Starting January 29th, 2019

Event Agenda

Day 1 - Tuesday, January 29th

(schedule and topics subject to minor changes)

8:30am: Real World AI - Arijit Sengupta @ AIble

9:10am:  How to Make Fewer Bad Decisions - Eric Colson & Daragh Sibley @ Stitch Fix

9:50am:  Humanity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence - Xin Fu & Ashish Kelkar @ Facebook

10:30am: Networking Break

10:40am: Building High Performance Data Science Team and Capabilities - Andrew Eichenbaum @ Autodesk

11:20am: Machine Learning & Producing Entertainment - Ritwik Kumar @ Netflix

12:00pm: Vendor Showcase – Technology and Innovation

12:15pm: Networking Lunch

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

AI Innovators 

1:00pm:   AI @ Scale in Retail - Prakhar Mehrotra @ Walmart

1:40pm:   Perceptions in AI - Sid Ananthakrishn @ Google

2:20pm:   AI Model Management In The Trenches - Robert Franklin @ WePay (JP Morgan)

Machine Learning Innovators

1:00pm:   Building a Production-scale Machine Learning Platform - Robert Dong @ Facebook

1:40pm:   Deep Learning Inference: Optimizations for Wide Scale Deployment - Rahul Nimaiyar @ Xilinx

2:20pm:   How Macys uses machine learning to improve Customer Experience - Haamid Ali @ Macy’s Tech

Data Science Innovators

1:00pm:  Agile for Data Science Teams - Jennifer Prendki @ Figure Eight

1:40pm:   The Rise of the Conversational Enterprise - Assaf Gat @ Apttus

2:20pm:   Productizing Artificial Intelligence - Manoj Ravi @ Adobe

3:00pm: Networking Break

Technology & Innovation

3:15pm: A Design Framework for Conversion Optimization via Machine Learning - Olcan Sercinoglu @ Scaled Inference

3:30pm: AIOps: Assuring Service Availability in the Digital Economy - Brendan Baker @ Moogsoft

3:45pm: Executive Panel: Creating an Ethical AI Practice from the Ground Up - Danielle Cass @ Workday, Aarti Borkar @ IBM, Kathy Baxter @ Salesforce, Kelli Schlegel @ Intel, Meredith Berger @ Mabus Group

4:30pm: AI Innovation @ Google - Ashwin Ram @ Google

5:00pm:  Networking Break and Cocktail Reception

Day 2 - Wednesday, January 30th

8:30am: From Machine Learning to Machine Teaching - Marcos Campos - Microsoft

9:00am: Uber’s Intelligent Insights Assistant - Franziska Bell @ Uber

9:30am: Lessons Learned Building a Large Recommender System - Oscar Celma @ Pandora

10:00am: Networking Break

10:15am: Fireside Chat: AI & Future of Work - Jeetu Patel @ Box

11:00am: AI Powered Recommendation and Search Engines - Bo Long @ LinkedIn

11:30am: Contextual AI: The Next Frontier - Oliver Brdiczka @ Adobe

12:00pm: Vendor Showcase – Technology and Innovation

12:15pm: Networking Lunch

1:00pm: AI for Enterprise: Reality Behind the Hype - Pankaj Goyal @ HPE                  

1:30pm: AI and ML in Product Search - Nabarupa Banerjee @

2:00pm: From Hello to HireTM, CareerBuilder’s AI Powered Solutions - Humair Ghauri @ CareerBuilder

2:30pm: A Roadmap for Responsible AI - Barbry McGann @ Workday


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