Bodkin, Rod.jpg

AI & Digital Innovation
Using Artificial Intelligence to enhance the digital experience
Ron Bodkin, Technical Director, Applied Artificial Intelligence @ Google

Agarwal, Deepak.jpg

AI @ Scale
AI that creates professional opportunity at scale
Deepak Agarwal, VP of Artificial Intelligence @ LinkedIn

Gupta, Kapil.jpg

Machine Learning and The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning to personalize the booking experience
Kapil Gupta, Data Science Leader @ Airbnb

Hseih, Chu-Cheng.jpg

Machine Learning and Disruptive Innovation
Chu-Cheng Hsieh –
Director of Data Science (AI and Machine Learning) @ Intuit

Gross, Jess.jpg

Customer-Centered AI and Machine Learning
How to collect digital AND physical customer behavioral data and the AI/machine learning use cases it enables
Jesse Gross, Chief Analytics Officer @ Digital Mortar

Gerster, David.jpg

Advanced Big Data and Topic Modeling
Topic modeling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation
David Gerster, Vice President, Data @ JPP

Chan, Man.jpg

Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Product Design and Development  - Leverage people, process and technology to drive product based decisions

Man Chan, Founder & CTO @ WeR.AI, (Former VP, Data Science & Engineering @ Apptus)

Tamir, Mike.jpg

Deep Learning Frameworks for Enterprise Planning - Exploring Linear Neural Translations of full Vocabularies to Evaluate Inter-Language Similarity

Mike Tamir and Amit Gupta @ Uber & UC Berkeley

Kuruppath, Krish.jpg

Conversational AI and UI - Utilize advancements in NLP technology for conversational UIs to transform the way we interact with machines

Krish Kuruppath, VP, Technology @ SapientRazorfish


Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience:
AI’s  Role in Optimizing the Customer Experience
Mario Vinasco, Manager, Marketing Analytics CRM @ Uber

Wang, Guan.jpg

Machine Learning for Big Data Driving
Leverage big data and machine learning to empower autonomous driving and life in the future
Guan Wang, Staff Machine Learning Engineer @ NIO (NextEv)

Govil, Shivani.jpg

Big Data and Advanced Cognitive Analytics
Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced cognitive analytics to drive smarter, faster and more intelligent business
Shivani Govil, VP, AI and Cognitive Product @ SAP Ariba

Gupta, Sumit.jpg

The Future of Business: AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Building for the future: How enterprises can get started with AI

 Sumit Gupta, VP, AI & Machine Learning @ IBM

Reed, Will.jpg

AI & The Future of Work
How artificial intelligence will influence culture, collaboration and innovation

 Will Reed, Senior Technical Leader, Artificial Intelligence @ Cisco