Bodkin, Ron.jpg

AI & Digital Innovation
Using Artificial Intelligence to enhance the digital experience

Ron Bodkin, Technical Director, Applied Artificial Intelligence @ Google

Fu, Xin.jpg

Data Driven Product Innovation

Xin Fu, Senior Director of Data Science @ LinkedIn

Lyon, Nicole.jpg

AI , Digital Assistant and Growth
Transforming the customer journey with digital innovation

Nicole Lyon, Director, Product Innovation @ eBay

Kohavi, Ronny.jpg

Experimentation at Scale
Accelerating software innovation

Ronny Kohavi, General Manager, Analysis and Experimentation @ Microsoft

Gossain, Rohit.jpg

1:00pm – Oak Room
AI Powered Future of Marketing
Implement artificial intelligence into marketing for advanced automation and improved decision making

Rohit Gossain, Analytics Consultant @ Samsung Electronics America

Ameisen, Emmanuel.jpg

1:00pm –  Bayshore Ballroom
Machine Learning and Disruptive Innovation
How to solve 90% of NLP problems: A step by step guide

Emmanuel Ameisen, Director, Artificial Inteligence @ Insight

Vacin, Eric.jpg

1:00pm – Laurel Room
Requirements Gathering, Roadmapping & Vision Develop an effective roadmap and codify product vision for product excellence 

Eric Vacin, Sr. Manager, Customer Experience @ Accenture Interactive

Sen, Raj.jpg

1:50pm – Oak Room
Mastering Customer Behavior Analysis
Utilize advanced technologies to listen to customers and gauge sentiment

Raj Sen, Group Manager of Customer Analytics @ Adobe

Lui, Pai.jpg

1:50pm – Bayshore Ballroom
Machine Learning and Personalization at Scale
Achieve true personalization at scale through artificial intelligence and machine learning

Pai Liu, Manager, Data Science @ Airbnb

Spragins, Matt.jpg

1:50pm – Laurel Room
Total Digital Experience
Create a unified digital platform to optimize personalization and improve the digital experience

 Matt Spragins – Director, Personalization & Digital Platforms @ Kaiser Permanente

Lassere, Paul.jpg

2:40pm – Oak Room
Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience:
AI’s  Role in Optimizing the Customer Experience

 Paul Lasserre, VP, Product Management, Artificial Intelligence @ Genesys

Chan, Man.jpg

2:40pm – Bayshore Ballroom
AI Innovation Process: Challenges and Opporutnities
Utilize AI & machine learning to automate personalized content curation

Man Chan, Founder & CTO @ WeR.AI, (Former VP, Data Science & Engineering @ Apptus)

Sivasubramanian, Raj.jpg

2:40pm – Laurel Room
Omni-Channel Strategy, Framework & Design
Holistic, uniform customer engagement strategy across channels, touchpoints and devices

Raj Sivasubramanian – Director, Customer Experience @ Verint

Tamir, Mike.jpg

AI and News Detection
Building a fake news detection product for the business

Mike Tamir, Head of Data Science @ UBER ATG

Adamsen, Al.jpg

Workforce of the Future: A New Normal Emerging
The Future of Work:  How AI will influence culture, collaboration and innovation

Al Adamsen, Conference Chair & Founding Member @ Insight 222