Dong, Robert.jpg

AI Infrastructure @ Facebook
Serve 2 billion people through AI power

 Yu (Robert) Dong, Sr. Technical Product Manager @ Facebook

Patel, Jeetu.jpg

AI & The Future of Work
Discuss the impact of artificial intelligence when applied to revolutionizing business process

Jeetu Patel, Chief Product Officer @ Box

Gat, Assaf.jpg

10:15am  – Keynote – Westin Ballroom
The Rise of the Conversational Enterprise
Leveraging applied artificial intelligence to transform the enterprise

Assaf Gat, General Manager, Applied AI @ Apttus

McBreaty, Rachel.jpg

10:15am  – Keynote –  Bayshore Ballroom
Maximizing Your Return on Customer Experience
Influencing the behaviors of customers and users to achieve the desired returns

 Rachael McBreaty, Chief Customer, Global Customer Experience & Insights @ Cisco Systems

Kuruppath, Krish.jpg

11:15am – Oak Room
Future of  UI: Conversational AI and UI
Utilize advancements in NLP technology for conversational UIs to transform the way we interact with machines 

Krish Kuruppath, VP, Technology @ SapientRazorfish

Charafeddine, Mohamad.jpg

11:15am – Bayshore Ballroom
Reinforcement Learning Application and Lessons Learned
Automation of data to make products smarter, faster and more creative

Mohamad Charafeddine, Director, R&D AI Lab @ Samsung

Mahajan, Rahul.jpg

11:15am– Laurel Room
Product Management: Growth & Monitization
Frameworks for scalable growth and global monetization

Rahul Mahajan, Product & Growth @ Weebly

Ratneshwaran, Shankar.jpg

1:00pm – Oak Room
Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence
Develop an enterprise center of excellence that enables analytics-based decision making, AI and machine learning

 Shankar Ratneshwaran, Head, Center of Excellence of Artificial Intelligence @ Intel

Chaudhary, Sanjay.jpg

1:00pm – Bayshore Ballroom
Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Product Design and Development
Deploy AI to develop smarter products and services

 Sanjay Chaudhary – Product Line Manager @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Glantschnig, Krista.jpg

1:00pm – Laurel Room
Customer Experience Journey Mapping
Develop useful diagrams that map step-by-step customer touch points

 Krista Glantschnig, VP Digital Customer Engagement @ SAP

Yasutake, Andy.jpg

AI Ecosystem  and Future of Growth
Build the roadmap for preparing your organization for AI, Innovation and Growth

Andrew Yasutake, Senior Director, Global Technology Solutions & Operations @ LinkedIn