Adamsen, Al.jpg

AI & Future of Work

How artificial intelligence will influence culture, collaboration and innovation

Al Adamsen, Co-Founder and CEO @ Insight 222

Bailie, Ian.jpg

From Process to Product

Design Thinking & AI in the Years Ahead

Ian Bailie, Head of AI HR Research@ CognitionX

Kozyrkov, Cassie.jpg

AI & Innovation @ Google

How to build team and cultures to best make use of AI in a workplace

Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist@ Google

Heck, Jeanine.jpg

Creating Brilliant Products

Utilizing advanced technology and AI to develop amazing products

Jeanine Heck, Vice President, AI Product @ Comcast

Yu, Bin.jpg

Data Science and The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Executing a Successful Data Science Strategy in a Large Organization

Bin Yu, International Expert & Data Science Manager @ Air Liquide

Bennett, Michelle.jpg

Foundation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Where business and AI/ML intersect 

Michelle Bennett, VP, Advanced Analytics & Data Science @ Avanade

Forge, Sophie.jpg

Productization of AI
Deploy AI to develop smarter products and services 

Sophie Forge, Director, Machine Learning@ IQVIA

Jamshed, Dawer.jpg

Artificial Intelligence Points of Excellence
How to use AI bullet points for advantage

Dawer Jamshed, Chief Data Scientist@ Vertex Labs

Zevan, Stephen.jpg

Create and Design Conversational UI
Disrupting the UX using Association Rule Mining

Stephen Zevan, Data Science& Machine Learning @ Comcast

Mazumdar, Monalisa.jpg

The Future of Business: AI and Machine Learning
Automation and AI in financial services 

Dr. Monalisa Mazumdar, Advice AI & Analytics Lead @ Vanguard

Zhang, Ling.jpg

Past, Present & Future of Data Science
Leverage data science and machine learning to drive future business 

Ling Zhang, Manager of Analytics, HR Data Science@ Ally FInancial

Tewksbury, Marcus.jpg

AI Ecosystem Through the Product Management Lens

Build the roadmap for preparing your organization for AI, Innovation and Growth

Markus Tewksbury, CTO @