8:30am - Sheraton Grand Ballroom

Domm, Dave.jpg

AI Innovation @ Cars.com: how AI and machine learning are transforming the automotive retail and car shopping environment

Dave Domm, Chief Product Officer @ Google

9:10am - Sheraton Grand Ballroom

Kalluri, Ravikant.jpg

AI Innovation Process: Challenges and Opportunities

Ravikant Kalluri, Senior Vice President, Artificial INtelligence @ Wells Fargo

Versaggi, Matthew.jpg

AI Innovation at work in Healthcare

Matthew Versaggi, Sr. Director of Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Technology @ UnitedHealth Group

11:00am - Sheraton Ballroom I

Indugula, Nagini.jpg

Data-Driven Product Managment - Creating Metrics that Matter

Nagini Indugula, VP, Product Management @ NCSA Sports

11:00am - Sheraton Ballroom II

Blatt Vital, Rosella.jpg

Fueling the AI Flywheel: How to Build a Sustainable Engine for a High Performance Machine Learning Team"

Rossella Blatt Vital,

Director of Innovation, AI @ Wonderlic

11:30am - Sheraton Ballroom I

Noparstak, Aaron.jpg

Translating a Founder’s Vision into a Product Roadmap

Aaron Noparstak, Director, Product Management @ Casecheck

11:30am - Sheraton Ballroom II

Ji, Zhengping.jpg

AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning at Motorola

Zhengping, Ji, Director of Machine Learning

@ Motorola Mobility

1:00pm - Sheraton Ballroom I

Mohanty, Shilpa.jpg

User-Centered Design To Create Products to Delight

Shilpa Mohanty, Product Manager, Payments @ Braintree/PayPal

1:00pm - Sheraton Ballroom II

Parker, Charles.jpg

AI & Machine Learning Automation

Charles Parker, VP, Machine Learning & Algorithms @ BIGML

1:40pm - Sheraton Ballroom I

Shumway, Brian.jpg

Revolutionizing Sports Products Using AI

Bryan Shumway, Product Owner @ STATS LLC

1:40pm - Sheraton Ballroom II

Palthepu, Srini.jpg

Machine Learning That Drives Cars.com

Srini Palthepu, Sr. Manager, Bid Data Engineering & Machine Learning @ Car.com

2:20pm - Sheraton Ballroom I

Bennur, Rohit.jpg

Driving Innovation Success with Strategic Partners @ Capital One

Rohit Bennur, Director, Product Management @ Capital One

2:20pm - Sheraton Ballroom II

Tan, Heneu.jpg

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics for Heavy Industries

Heneu Tan, Head of Fleet Industry @ Uptake

Polavarapu, Nalini.jpg

Digital Innovation @ Bayer: Leveraging AI to Transform the Core Business

Nalini Polavarapu, Enterprise Data Science Strategy Lead @ Bayer

Long, Andria.jpg

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Andria Long, Author, Speaker & Innovation Coach