8:30am - Sheraton Grand Ballroom

Gonda, Rob.jpg

A Roadmap for Exponential Growth

Rob Gonda, Partner & Chief Technology Officer @ Chameleon Collective

9:15am - Sheraton Grand Ballroom

Stackowiak, Robert.jpg

Innovation Through Artificial Intelligence @ Microsoft

Robert Stackowiak, Technology Business Analyst & Architect @ Microsoft

10:00am - Sheraton Gran Ballroom

Bhagavan, Guha Athreya.jpg

Driving Innovation and Growth Using AI

Guha Athreya Bhagavan, Director, Data Science @ Grainger

10:45am - Sheraton Ballroom I

Smith, Ethan.jpg

Design for Delight: Can We Make Experiences People Love

Ethan Smith, Design Principal @ Expedia Group

10:45am - Sheraton Ballroom II

Post, Ben.jpg

AI in Education: Conversation AI, Computer Learning and Machine Learning

Chief Data Scientist @ Edmentum

11:30am - Sheraton Ballroom I

Krzeminski, Jeff.jpg

Product Management: Pivoting from Tactical to Strategic

Jeff Krzeminski, VP, Product Management @ Thomson Reuters

11:30am - Sheraton Ballroom II

Versaggi, Matthew.jpg

Cognitive Technology & Intelligent Agents

Matthew Versaggi, Sr. Director, Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Technologies @ UnitedHealth Group

Lahm, Michael.jpg

Data Science for Product Innovation

Michael Lahm, Director, Data Science @ UnitedHealth Group

Selvarej, Muthusamy.jpg

Product Development & AI

Muthusamy Selvaraj, VP, Product Management & Product Development @ Cloudbreak

Das, Pritam.jpg

RPA and Future of Work

Pritam Das, Product Leader, Intelligent Process Automation, BPM & Chatbot @ CME Group