Thursday, June 7, 2018

8:30am:  AI & The Future of Work
An action-based approach to discovering, exploring, mapping and creating AI and future of work

9:30am:  Machine Learning and The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence
Building machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive innovation and growth

10:30am:  Data Driven Innovation: Big Data and Deep Learning
Maximize data science and big data to support marketing, customer experience, user experience and new product development

11:15am:  Here Now: What Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Mean to your Organization
Develop a culture that embraces AI and machine learning as core to business evolution

Track A

1:00pm:  Artificial Intelligence for Growth
Build the roadmap for preparing your organization for AI

1:50pm:  Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Product Design and Development
Leverage people, process and technology to drive product based decisions

2:40pm:  Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience
AI’s  Role in Optimizing the Customer Experience

Track B

1:00pm:  Machine Learning and Disruptive Innovation
Automation of data to systemically drive optimal organizational, product and service decisions

1:50pm:  Deep Learning Frameworks for Enterprise Planning
Explore how to best formulate and execute an enterprise wide approach to incorporate machine learning

2:40pm:  Digital Transformation and Machine Learning
Create a data centric organization and achieve differentiation through digitalization

3:30pm:  Data Science & Design Thinking
Build an experiment framework to drive product alignment and optimization

4:15pm:  Workforce of the Future: A New Normal Emerging
The Future of Work:  How data & insights will influence culture, collaboration and innovation

Friday, June 8, 2018

8:30am:  From Big Data to AI
Framework to enable analytics teams to drive business impact through Big Data

9:45am:  Advanced Analytics: AI Powered Analytics Journey
How artificial Intelligence is used to augment human work across enterprise functions              

Track A

11:00am:  Building a Culture of Innovation through Advanced Analytics
A step by step process that ties analytical growth into next generation opportunities

1:00pm:  Leverage Big Data in an AI Era
A step by step process that ties analytical growth into next generation opportunities

Track B

11:00am:  Organizational Capabilities Analysis
How analytics and insights can be packaged and communicated to inspire meaningful, lasting change

1:00pm:  Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence
Develop an enterprise center of excellence that enables analytics-based decision making, AI and machine learning

2:15pm:  The Future of Business: AI, Machine Learning and Big Data
Building for the future: Why advancements in data and technology matters now